Tell Obama No on the Arms Trade Treaty

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Tell Obama No on the Arms Trade Treaty

After losing the fight on gun control earlier this year, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are seeking to undermine the Second Amendment by signing the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. The treaty, which includes small arms like pistols and rifles, also calls for national-level controls on ammunition as well.  This treaty is a step towards a national gun registry, and it seeks to limit the availability of firearms via export.  

Here's how: the treaty specifically bans the export conventional weapons that can be used to target schools and hospitals, and that encompasses a broad range of arms.  What this means is that exports from foreign countries to the United States could conceivably be limited, as could ammunition.  We're already faced with an ammunition shortage in this country, and certain types of weapons are already banned.  

The Obama Administration is simply moving towards its real goal: disarmament, and the criminalization of the non-violent exercise of your Second Amendment rights. Merely by carrying a firearm, you become a criminal in many jurisdictions.  If you carry that firearm in certain locations, or within proximity to certain locations, you become a criminal.  You don't have to do anything beyond possessing a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school to become a felon. 

This isn't about closing loopholes, or targeting criminals who possess and use firearms to commit crimes. It's about making it harder to exercise your Second Amendment rights legally.  Remmber, President Obama is the man who told author John Lott that he didn't believe people should be able to own guns while they were both on the faculty at the University of Chicago.  

Tell Congress you want to send a clear and unequivocal message to President Obama, and bring the Arms Trade Treaty to a vote in the Senate so that it can be voted down. Don't let Harry Reid and other anti-gun fanatics avoid sending a clear message on the Arms Trade Treaty; insist that the treaty be brought before the Senate for a vote so that this issue can be settled once and for all.  It's time to defeat Barack Obama and his anti-Second Amendment friends again.

Your voice can help us do that. 

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Stay away from our Second Ammendment Guaranteed! You'll be voted out!
My hard fought Freedom is very dear to me, and I do not appreciate ANYONE attempting to take it away. Next election day is coming and I plan to vote according to who will support Freedom
one more nail in the usa coffin ,the death of a thousand slices one cut at a time.
If a senator signed this they would then become a traitor.
Protect our rights to self defense, our family, and property
This must be brought to a vote and you must vote not to approve. The US Constitution is the law of the land not the UN.
Do not approve the UN Arms Trade Treaty. It is a travesty and a way to take our guns, undermining the Second Amendment to the Constitution,
and changing America into a dictatorship.
Stop funding the UN.